Reel Gardening Time Lapse



We got the opportunity to make a video for award-winning entrepreneur Claire Reed, founder of

Claire invented her product as a high school student. It’s a seed strip. It’s made of bio-degradable paper, filled with seeds at the right spacing and at the right depth, complete with fertilizer. It uses 80% less water than conventional planting methods,  and is designed to supply families with vegetables. It’s being used in impoverished communities in South Africa to keep families fed with nourishing food. The reels are available in retail outlets too.

What Claire needed for part of her explainer video was to show the progress of beans growing in stages. So we set up a grow light and a timelapse camera in a storeroom, taking a still image every minute for over 2 months. We then strung the over 40 000 photos together into this section of the video, which shows 2 months of progress in about 20 seconds.

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