Logo Development for Open Basket

FMCG Distributor Open Basket approached us for a new logo. This is the development from their old logo to the new one:

Original Logo:

old logo

Original Logo

The client liked their logo but wanted to give it a bit of class. The original logo was intended to have resonances with the handles of a basket, mixed with the impression of quality (the crown motif). The colour scheme was also intended to convey the impression of quality rather than the usual luminous colours found in much of the FMCG space.

Our concept was to take the Letter O from Open Basket and intersect it with a shopping basket tub-like shape, exploring the negative space.

First Proof of concept:

copyright lucid 2014

First Proof of Concept

After this concept was accepted we went ahead with giving it the style that would suit the brief. This entailed tweaking the colour scheme to be more like gold and black rather than tan and black, as well as introducing subtle gradients, bevel effects, drop shadows and glow. In this way we’ve kept the quality/royalty theme without needing the crown motif. The font of the intersecting letter O was changed to Harrington Font, which will become the accents font in the client’s brand book.

Final Logo:

final logo

Final Logo Design

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