Shared Wealth Promo Video


We made this video for social entrepreneur Yaqeen Turton of Shared Wealth.

Says Yaqeen:

Offering a Service and showcasing it is often a lot harder than showing a product off to potential investors.

Being selected to present for an investment from Galactic Unite posed a very big question/problem to my Organisation. How do I show my service off in comparison to organisations with products?

Lucid became an excellent resource to tackle this fundamental issue. The years of experience, backed up the practical with a professional understanding of the role my brand needed to communicate. An extremely energetic, self motivated team able to swiftly build and assimilate ideas and information and portray it in a way that was far beyond anything we expected. I was also impressed with their Project management skills, communications abilities and capability to convert our message into a tangible and understandable format. Lucid will be fully adopted as our preferred supplier and has transformed our thinking and understanding. Some additional output- always willing to go the extra mile and dissemination of our wacky ideas- really added value and clarity to our business. Needless to say the value that Lucid added to our business was evident when our Organisation won the prestigious award from Galactic Unite. Without Lucid we don’t think this would of been possible.

Thank you so much!!!


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