Million Baby Corporate Video


Working with Denise and Richard from Lucid films was an absolute pleasure. Their level of professionalism exceeded my expectations a 100 fold.

Hearing and seeing their phenomenal work via social media, I knew that there was no one better for my task in the finals of the Big Break Legacy season 2 than lucid films.

Not only did they show dedication to detail and high quality, they went the extra mile and amazed me with their final product. I only got high reviews when showing their work to my fellow businessmen.

Given the nature of the Big Break legacy season 2 and time constraints the show gives us to come up with results, Denise and Richard were able to work around this and still deliver high quality.

As a seasoned businessman and contestant in season 2 of the Big Break Legacy Reality TV show, I am in full support and strongly recommend these highly skilled Entrepreneurs in the filming industry and will stay their loyal customer.

Denise and Richard and lucid film team are a great bunch of people and their mission to getting fellow entrepreneurs story out their via film/video is inspiring.

I am keeping a close eye on all their work and look forward to seeing what amazing scenes they release.

Jared Pillai
Serial Entrepreneur | Inventor | Innovator | Marketing Consultant | Born Again | Reality TV Star #BBL2 | Startups | CEO @Mil_Baby


This is the video made for Big Break Legacy contestant Jared Pillai as his challenge in the final episode of the Big Break Legacy TV show. Contestants had to have a corporate video made on a shoestring budget.
Jared’s product is a table and chair for toddlers that folds into its own carry case. It has interchangeable tops for playing, drawing, and eating. We wanted to show this not only in the video but in the type of video that we chose, so we got out the lego and made a stop frame project as the backbone of the video. There was also a world map made of rice, corn and peas, which was also a lot of fun making, especially when the cat started eating peas off the map.


Jared’s video was also loaded onto his VideoPak business card. This project has stretched the limits of innovation at every stage.


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